Sandhurst and Area Action Group


A fireball of toxic chemicals erupts at the Cleansing Service Group site in Sandhurst, Gloucestershire.


In the early hours of the morning of Monday, 30th October 2000, a series of explosions devastated the chemical treatment works of Cleansing Service Group Ltd, at Sandhurst in Gloucestershire. The fire and explosions released a plume of toxic gas that swept through the neighbouring village of Sandhurst and beyond, forcing the evacuation of more than 60 residents. It took more than twelve hours to extinguish the fire completely, after which time more than 180 tonnes of hazardous chemicals had been consumed and their toxic products released into the surrounding environment.

SAAG represents the communities that surround the Cleansing Service Group chemical works at Sandhurst, and has the prime objective of closing down Cleansing Service Groupís current activities, and all future industrial activity at the site.

This website has been created to expose the complacent mis-management by Cleansing Service Group of itís hazardous waste operations at Sandhurst. Information is also presented that demonstrates the inadequate enforcement of statutory regulations by The Environment Agency, The Health and Safety Executive, and, Gloucestershire County Council that contributed to the environmental disaster that occurred on the 30th October 2000.


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